Oman Grouting Project

Our Experience


  • Project Name
    Oman Grouting Project
  • Vessels Deployed
    Jaya Seal

Scope of Work

In December 2014, our 5,500BHP DP2 Jaya Seal was employed in Oman by a market leading geotechnical investigation and topographic survey company for a grouting campaign. The vessel had a mezzanine deck fabricated specifically for a freespan rectification project, with 2 X WROVs placed on the back deck.

The scope of work included checking/confirming the length and height of 80 freespans and the installation of pipeline support grout bags at 48 confirmed locations. Due to its location on the tip of the Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz is renowned for its strong current which dramatically affects the deployments of the ROVs, however, the vessel performed well on DP mode with no downtime recorded whilst on operation.