Subsea Services

At MMA Offshore we specialise in providing marine solutions and expertise to the offshore oil and gas industry.

We own and operate a fleet of specialised offshore support vessels, capable of supporting all phases of the oil and gas lifecycle including subsea services. Our MPSV and IMR fleet are all capable of supporting subsea services, while a number of our AHTS and utility vessels can also support ROV scopes.

Subsea Service Offering

We have custom designed and built offshore vessels in partnership with our clients to ensure our fleet features modern technology and advanced systems. We have an innovation strategy that ensures our existing fleet continue to meet the emerging subsea needs of our clients. And we invest in our people and operations to ensure our subsea vessel service offering is world class.

As one of the largest vessel operators in the Asia Pacific region, we have leveraged our strengths to increase our presence in the Middle East region. Today our key areas of operation are Australasia, South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Purposely we maintain our MPSV fleet in adjacent geographic regions so that vessels can transfer between markets easily and cost effectively for clients. We also maintain an extensive pool of qualified, and competent seafarers who can be deployed for subsea operations across the globe. 

To support our clients we provide tailored subsea solutions as every charter presents a unique risk profile and operating profile. Our approach is providing a fit for purpose solution – whether that’s with our own fleet, modifying our vessels or chartering third party vessels – we find the best technical solution to a scope.