Accommodation Support

MMA’s fleet of specialised vessels are capable of providing critical accommodation and Walk-To-Work support to meet the needs of a wide range of offshore operations, from drilling and production platforms to offshore wind farms and pipeline installations.

Our MPSVs can be fitted with motion-compensated gangway systems which allow personnel to walk safely between the vessel and offshore facilities. These vessels also have active heave compensative cranes that are capable of transferring both cargo and supplies between the vessel and offshore structures.

A number of our vessels have SPS notation and with some capable of accommodating up to 230 personnel offshore. Depending on the vessel personnel are accommodated in a range of single, double and four person cabins.

Designed with onboard systems and infrastructure to be on location longer with minimised external support, our vessels have all been designed with passenger comfort in mind. Measures are also in place to combat vibration, lighting and noise concerns, as well as to provide ideal environmental climate control.

We also have a strong track record mobilising and managing third party accommodation vessels. Our high-quality standards for accommodation services are applied to third party vessels and often see us undertake significant modification works to prepare a vessel for our management.

Accommodation Support

Mr Mike Merrutia
Chartering Manager
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Mr Sean Connelly
General Manager
Commercial Vessel Services
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Mr Jamie Hulme
Fleet Operations
General Manager - Australasia
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