At MMA, we are committed to improving outcomes for our global communities.

Our Environment

MMA is committed to achieving the highest standard of environmental performance across all of its business activities.

  • Our services across our business support the production of transitional energy solutions, with over 60% of our activity currently related to LNG. We also deliver solutions to the renewable energy sector, including the provision of entire lifecycle services to support Offshore Windfarm Development. At present, approximately 10% of our fleet is currently engaged on Offshore Windfarm projects, along with associated services.
  • We are focused on reducing our emissions through a range of energy saving initiatives including solar, battery, and engine optimisation and operational efficiency trials on our vessels to minimise fuel consumption.
  • We have a dedicated research and development team at the forefront of new technologies, including LNG-fuelled vessels.
  • We are committed to clean oceans and are targeting a 100% reduction in single use plastics on our vessels through the implementation of new potable water systems on our vessels and providing multi-use drink containers across the fleet. We also promote the proper segregation and disposal of waste across our business, and conduct shipbuilding and ship repairs only in environmentally compliant facilities.

Our Community

To support our community engagement goals, MMA is committed to:

  • Investing in local community projects that have a positive and sustainable benefit
  • Seeking business opportunities with local suppliers and subcontractors
  • Striving to be good corporate citizens, conducting business in an ethical manner
  • Developing long term relationships with local indigenous communities in order to increase Indigenous participation in our workforce and promote opportunities for training and development
  • Creating and maintain cross cultural awareness throughout the business

Community Partnerships

MMA recognises that supporting community endeavours, either in kind or monetarily, is a responsibility we have to the communities in which we operate. As part of MMA’s Target 365 rewards programme, business units that achieve exceptional safety performance are given the opportunity to donate monetary rewards to a range of registered charities and community initiatives. To date, MMA staff have directed over $120,000 to local charities.


Supporting local contractors and vendors (including Indigenous businesses) is an ongoing priority for MMA. We continue to seek further opportunities for long-term engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (“ATSI”) enterprises to support our operations in Australia.

MMA is committed to ensuring we maintain our operating excellence and continue to provide the best service to our customers. To achieve this, MMA works with reliable and reputable suppliers to deliver solutions across our entire business. Uptime on our vessels is critical to overall operating and financial performance so sourcing the right rather than the cheapest suppliers is critical to success.


As a business with a global focus, MMA aims to have a workforce that best represents the communities in which we operate. We have a number of targeted employment opportunities and programmes in place including our ATSI traineeship programme and a Timor-Leste Local Content Strategy.

ATSI Traineeship

Our ATSI Traineeship programme is providing opportunities for marine careers to ATSI people in Northern and Western Australia. With three vessels operating from Darwin, we are in a unique position to provide both training in maritime operations and seatime opportunities.

Timor-Leste Seafarer Local Content Strategy

Our Timor-Leste Local Content Strategy is providing procurement, employment and training opportunities for Timorese businesses and Timor-Leste nationals and permanent residents. We are providing a Deck Cadet Traineeship program where participants complete college studies and then join our international fleet to gain their Seatime qualification.

Training and Development

We are committed to the development of our people through performance feedback, internal development opportunities and training programs. We have a strong emphasis on setting clear expectations and achieving key performance objectives through the implementation and monitoring of robust Performance Coaching Agreements.

We strive to continually develop our people through structured training outcomes, aligned with our strategic view to entrench MMA as an employer of choice for our people and service provider of choice for our customers.

Industry Networking

We encourage our employees to be active participants in industry networking opportunities. Our Procurement team supports the Australian-based Local Contracting Alliance (LCA); a not-for-profit networking group that assists businesses in achieving their local content targets and ATSI business engagement.

MMA also maintains memberships with the Western Australian and Northern Territory Petroleum Clubs, the Asia Wind Energy Association, and MMA’s Managing Director is a Maritime Industry Australia (MIAL) Board member. MMA is also a contributor to Safer Together WA/NT, an Australian not-for-profit, member-led organisation committed to seeking industry collaboration towards building a strong and consistent safety culture within our industry.