Coastal Erosion Control

MMA uses a variety of solutions to stabilise shorelines and prevent erosion amongst our most at-risk coastlines.

MMA’s collection of stabilisation products include geotextile-backed concrete mattresses which are ideally suited to constructing boat ramps, shoreline stabilisation and bridge and canal revetments.

Our in-house solutions include the protection of eroding shorelines, outfalls and pipeline shore crossings. As an innovative solution to coastal erosion control, MMA has designed, tested and deployed wave attenuating fringing reefs (WAFR) at multiple sites globally. WAFRs physically knock high waves down to smooth the water, removing energy from an ocean swell and reducing erosion on coastlines.


Coastal Erosion Control Contacts


Mr Matthew Allen
General Manager 
Business Development –
Environment & Stabilisation Services
+61 8 9431 7431

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