Dive Attractions

Combining subsea engineering and sculptural design, MMA is highly experienced in the building of purpose-built dive attractions that mimic the ecosystem services provided by a natural reef substrate.

Purpose-built reefs are typically constructed for increasing or restoring populations of marine plants and animals, recreational use or aquaculture.

MMA is proud to have worked on the development of the Wonder Reef, an innovative artificial reef system and dive attraction located off the coast of the Gold Coast in Australia. The Wonder Reef was designed to provide a habitat for a wide range of marine species, and to enhance the biodiversity of the local area, while acting as an important tourism attraction for the Gold Coast. Using advanced engineering techniques and technologies, we were able to create a complex and dynamic reef system that mimics the natural structures found in natural coral reefs.

Since its deployment in 2018, the Wonder Reef has quickly become a popular destination for divers and snorkelers, as well as a thriving habitat for a variety of marine species. The reef system has already been shown to be effective in attracting and supporting a diverse range of fish, coral and other marine life and is expected to continue to provide ecological benefits for many years to come.

We also created one of the world’s largest living harbour projects at the Coogee Maritime Dive Trail in Western Australia. The Coogee Maritime Trial demonstrates how owners of coastal infrastructure can create facilities that promote community wellbeing and cohesion, integrate into the natural environment and promote abundant fisheries. The trail is also designed to inspire and inform divers about the challenges faced by our oceans.

Dive Attraction Contacts

Mr Matthew Allen
Business Development Manager - Subsea Solutions +61 8 9431 7431

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