Target 365

Launched in 2012, MMA’s Target 365 strategy focuses on everyone coming to work each day with the aim of having a “Perfect Day”, that is, a day free of recordable injuries and illnesses or material incidents.

The strategy has created a genuine safety culture and consciousness at MMA – a culture that drives our world class safety performance.

Fundamental to the Target 365 programme:

  • Developed in-house – ensuring employee engagement at all levels within the organisation.
  • Transparent information – all information relating to Target 365, incidents and performance is readily available and communicated to all staff across a number of communications channels.
  • Target 365 Quarterly Safety Awards – award winners are recognised across a number of focus areas and variety of activities, including:
    • Outstanding safety performance / behaviour
    • Safety improvement initiative
    • Development of improved operational processes focusing on risk mitigation and safety management
  • Target 365 Leadership Engagement Programme – supported by in-house training and coaching aimed at empowering leaders to conduct active leadership engagements.

Perfect Days are tracked and communicated to all staff including offshore personnel via the Company’s intranet system on a perfect day dashboard.

In FY2023, we achieved 347 (95%) perfect days – a slight improvement on the previous year. MMA continues to target 365 perfect days in each years’ business planning cycle and we continually strive for improvements to both leading and lagging measures in order to achieve our Target 365 goal.