Installation & Construction Support

MMA operates a fleet of high-specification DP2 MPSVs (Multi Purpose Support Vessels) that are capable of supporting a range of installation and construction scopes.

Our MPSV fleet is specifically designed to cater for the niche market between larger workboats and high-end deepwater construction vessels. These vessels are capable of supporting light construction work to depths of up to 3,000m. They are fitted with active heave-compensated cranes (50 – 150 tonnes), boast accommodation for up to 230 people and are fitted with helidecks for offshore personnel transfer. They also have the capacity to support multiple workclass ROV spreads and motion-compensated gangways.

Additionally, our PSVs provide sufficient deck space for construction equipment and ample tank capacities for supply scopes. Our AHT, AHTS and barge fleets provide all important cargo transportation services, as well as offshore assistance (i.e. towing, standby, rescue, supply, personnel transfer and assist tug services).

Our vessels also have fully programmable CCTV at key locations around the vessel, an essential record-keeping tool in installation scopes.

As the primary marine contractor for a host of offshore construction projects in Australia, including Chevron’s Gorgon Project and Woodside’s Pluto Project, MMA’s vessels all have proven experience supporting construction scopes.

Installation & Construction Support Contacts

Mr Mike Merrutia
Chartering Manager
+61 8 9431 7431

Mr Sean Connelly
General Manager
Commercial Vessel Services
+61 8 9431 7431

Mr Jamie Hulme
Fleet Operations
General Manager - Australasia
+61 8 9431 7431

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