Diversity & Inclusion

With a global presence of over 1,100 employees with different experiences, backgrounds and perspectives, MMA takes pride in our strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Recognising the importance of equality and inclusion in the workplace, MMA actively works towards creating an environment where all employees are empowered to thrive and succeed.

In order to drive diversity and inclusion objectives at all levels across the Company, MMA has a well-established Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The Committee has a pivotal role in promoting and maintaining an inclusive environment across the organisation, through the establishment and monitoring of the Company’s strategic objectives.

MMA also places great importance on ensuring fairness and equality in our remuneration practices, with regular reviews conducted to guarantee that every employee is compensated fairly, appropriately and without bias.

Diversity & Inclusion Events

Fostering a greater appreciation and understanding of the diverse cultures and experiences within our business, as well as diversity issues more broadly, remains a key focus for MMA’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

A cornerstone of this effort is our formal Diversity and Inclusion Events Program, which has been in place since 2020. These events have proven to be instrumental in developing a deeper appreciation and understanding for diversity amongst our employees, and we continue to hold these activities in order to foster an inclusive culture across our business. Events recognised include NAIDOC Week, Lunar New Year, International Women’s Day, Ramadan, Diwali, International Day for Women in Maritime and Reconciliation Week.

Diversity Measurable Objectives

Annually, MMA develops a set of Diversity Measurable Objectives, including targets for female participation in technical, senior management and executive management positions as well as on our Board of Directors. We have a range of strategies in place to achieve these goals and report our progress annually in our Corporate Governance Statement which can be found here.

MMA’s workplace gender diversity data is reviewed annually by the Australian Government’s Workplace Gender Quality Agency (WGEA). Please click to view our latest Workplace Profile, Workforce Statistics and Public Questionnaire. To view MMA's WGEA Employer Statement document, please click here.