Production & Offtake Support

Complex oil and gas production and offtake challenges are met every day by our vessel services team.

With over 30 years’ experience in servicing the world’s largest facilities, MMA has multiple vessels in our fleet capable of executing even the most challenging production and offtake support duties.

Key features of our OSV fleet:

  • Dynamic positioning providing excellent maneuverability for close quarters operations during hawser and floating hose operations
  • Bow winch arrangements allowing vessels to conduct offtake operations and cargo transportation scopes, thereby reducing logistics constraints.
  • Significant deck cargo capacity designed to accommodate a large range of equipment
  • Diesel electric propulsion systems providing operational reliability, fuel efficiency combined with a reduced environmental footprint
  • Enhanced ergonomics for marine personnel working on the bridge and for those handling hawser lines and hoses

Production & Offtake Support Contacts

Mr Mike Merrutia
Chartering Manager
+61 8 9431 7431

Mr Sean Connelly
General Manager
Commercial Vessel Services
+61 8 9431 7431

Mr Jamie Hulme
Fleet Operations
General Manager - Australasia
+61 8 9431 7431