IMR, ROV, Dive & Survey Support

Combining our high specification, dynamically-positioned MPSVs with bespoke topside and subsea equipment, our highly skilled personnel are capable of supporting inspection, maintenance, repair, ROV, dive and survey operations in the most challenging environments.

With high-capacity active heave compensated cranes, our vessels have superior ultra-deep water lift capabilities compared with similar sized vessels. Several of our MPSVs can lift subsea equipment weighing up to 150t at depths of up to 3,000m. In addition to regular inspections (including asset integrity, pipeline, seabed site and cathodic protection surveys), our subsea cranes can be used to undertake light intervention work such as lifting subsea hardware like ROVs, AUVs and survey buoys.

We are also capable of supporting diving operations, allowing divers to be transported to and from the survey location, and for the storage of diving equipment and decompression chambers.

Our vessels are equipped with the necessary systems, structures and inventory to remain infield for longer. Our MPSVs each have a robust planned maintenance system that ensures they work continuously without downtime.

IMR, ROV, Dive & Survey Support Contacts

Mr Mike Merrutia
Chartering Manager
+61 8 9431 7431

Mr Sean Connelly
General Manager
Commercial Vessel Services
+61 8 9431 7431

Mr Jamie Hulme
Fleet Operations
General Manager - Australasia
+61 8 9431 7431