Anchor Handling & Towing

With modern technologies, efficient propulsion systems and reliable tonnage capacities our AHT and AHTS fleet are ideal marine assets for towage, supply and anchor handling scopes.

Our AHT and AHTS fleet are all capable of supporting anchor handling scopes, ocean towage infield tows and rig moves.

Dynamic positioning notation provides sophisticated station keeping ability and supports safe operations alongside offshore facilities.

Varied bollard pull capacities ranging from 50 tonnes to 150 tonnes allows MMA to meet most shallow water scopes. Hydraulic shark jaws and towing pins, and large stern rollers allow for robust anchor handling operations.

Vessels also have significant cargo capacities both above deck and below deck to support any ancillary logistics requirements.

All vessels are manned with capable and competent MMA crew who each have extensive anchor handling experience.

Operating standards and procedures entrench best practice anchor handling operations. Our planned maintenance systems ensure the vessel and all anchor handling equipment is fit for purpose and operational at all times.