MMA Pinnacle - Saturation Diving and ROV Operations

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    Saturation Diving & ROV Support
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    MMA Pinnacle

Scope of Work

The MMA Pinnacle was designed and constructed to provide customers the opportunity for faster, more efficient and cost effective project mobilisation times. The MMA Pinnacle offers superior ultra-deep water lift capabilities compared with similar vessels and has been designed with on-board systems and infrastructure to be on location longer with minimised external support, and maximum shipboard facilities for productive offshore work. The Pinnacle has a NOPSEMA approved for Safety Case for IMR operations in Australian waters.

Since its delivery in 2015 the MMA Pinnacle has undertaken a number of ROV and IMR support scopes including the following:

Charterer Area of operation From Date To date Duration (in days)
Marine Engineering Diving Services FZC  International waters within the IWL Limits   20 Dec 16  20 Jun 17  182
Canyon Offshore Inc Singapore, JDPA, Timor Leste including Dili Port, Bali, Australia including Darwin Port 4 Jul 17 31 Oct 17  119
SMIT Singapore Pte Ltd Australia 20 Aug 17 19 Sept 17  23
Canyon Offshore Inc (End Client: Murphy) Singapore and Malaysia 12 Nov 17 7 Dec 17  25