Gorgon LNG Project - Construction Project Marine Spread

Our Experience


  • Project Name
    Gorgon LNG Project
  • Project Operator
    Chevron Australia
  • Location
    North West Shelf, Australia
  • MMA's Involvement
    December 2009 to 2016
  • Scope of Work
    Stevedoring, supply base and vessel services

Project Overview

The MMA Offshore Dampier Supply Base (DSB) is the primary mainland supply base on the North West Shelf for the Gorgon construction project. Operations on the base commenced in late 2009 with a team of 25 MMA employees providing stevedoring & supply base services to the project.

MMA's stevedores, logistics and marine support personnel conduct material control, freight movement and loadout operations at the DSB. Barge loading & RORO operations are performed at our purpose built landbacked Barge Berth where MMA personnel load up to 3 LCT Barges per day.

MMA also conducts final quarantine preparation, including; remediation, washdown and consolidation of freight to Gorgon quarantine specifications.

MMA commenced supporting the Gorgon project with a full marine spread in January 2010. The initial scope included berthing and unberthing 300ft cargo barges at the MMA Offshore DSB Barge Berth. Soon after this scope commenced, MMA began towing 250ft cargo barges between the DSB and Barrow Island.

September 2010 saw the mobilisation of two 250ft water carrying barges and a support tug to tow the barges. MMA has now mobilised a total of 17 vessels into the project to carry out various functions, including; supply, fuel transfer, cyclone contingency, accommodation and desalination services.

Vessels Utilised

  • 1 x cargo tug
  • 2 x anchor handlers
  • 2 x cargo barges
  • 2 x cyclone contingency tugs
  • 2 x water tugs
  • 1 x accommodation barge
  • 2 x water barges
  • 1 x multicat desalination
  • 1 x fuel barge vessel
  • 2 x pusher tugs
  • 1 x LCT

Achievements & Project Outcomes

MMA was privileged to contribute to the enormously significant Gorgon project from both a supply base and marine services perspective.

At the time, MMA’s Supply Base was a hub of activity and the tonnage of freight processed through the facility and shipped to Barrow Island has steadily increased since 2009.

MMA personnel showed particular resourcefulness in adopting and executing Chevron's stringent Environmental and Quarantine procedures including taking the lead on remediation, washdown and final inspections.

At the height of construction activity, the MMA fleet dedicated to Gorgon has numbered 17 vessels.

On a number of occasions MMA conducted difficult international mobilisations and complex vessel modifications to solve specific challenges faced by the project. For example, MMA project managed the modification of the Toll Sandfly such that it met the particular project requirements for a fuel LTC. MMA also sourced and installed a desalination plant on the back of the Mermaid Vision, effectively mobilising a water-making and transporting vessel into the project.