Bayu Undan Field - Dual Purpose Platform Support Vessel

Our Experience


  • Project Name
    Platform Support Vessel Contract
  • Client
    ConocoPhillips Australia
  • Vessels Deployed
    MMA Leveque & MMA Inscription
  • MMA's Involvement
    December 2015 - current

Project Overview

In 2014 ConocoPhillips issued a tender for two OSVs and in early 2015 issued a tender for a single Platform Support Vessel (PSV). MMA was invited to participate in both tenders. All three vessels supported ConocoPhillips offshore Bayu-Undan facilities in the Timor Sea.

After investigating ConocoPhillips marine and operational requirements – MMA concluded the most suitable vessel solution for both tenders would involve a world first innovative vessel solution.

By modifying a PSV into a vessel that could support supply and static tow operations, MMA could reduce ConocoPhillips infield vessel support to 2 x vessels (a single OSV and the modified PSV). While this reduced the number of vessels MMA could potentially contract, it provided ConocoPhillips with substantial operational cost reductions.

ConocoPhillips supported the concept and in 2015, MMA set about transforming to concept into reality. A PSV capable of carrying out static tow operations as well as supply, had not been seen in the offshore market before.

MMA selected the MMA Inscription as the PSV and embarked on a vessel modification and simulation project to transform the Inscription into a PSV with offtake capabilities. MMA’s Engineering Team were responsible for the design, engineering and construction supervision of the modification project. The project involved installing a render and recovery winch on the bow of the vessel.

Extensive simulation trials were conducted at the MARIN institute in Holland. The findings of these simulations were supported by in field trails.

Achievements & Project Outcomes

MMA deployed the MMA Leveque in December 2015 as the lead in vessel. In July 2016, the Inscription was deployed and conducted its first offtake operation. Later that year ConocoPhillips recognised MMA in their global Supplier Recognition Awards program. MMA was one of 8 companies awarded with the ‘Doing Business Better’ award. ConocoPhillips acknowledged the collaborative effort MMA led in developing the dual-purpose PSV, MMA Inscription.

Our ability to develop an innovative marine solution, manage a significant modification project and provide world class offtake support operations demonstrates our capabilities as a vessel operator.