Wheatstone LNG Project - Spool Transportation Marine Spread

Our Experience


  • Contract
    Spool Transportation Marine Spread
  • Project Operator
    Chevron Australia
  • Vessels Deployed
    5 tugs, 5 barges & 2 infield tugs

Scope of Work

Technip was contracted by Chevron Australia to manage the installation, commissioning and operation of the Wheatstone Platform (WP), Trunkline and Gas Gathering Systems.

In 2015, Technip contracted MMA to provide the marine transportation spread for all project materials from Henderson, Western Australia the Wheatstone field (120 nautical miles north of Onslow, Western Australia). Steaming time between the two was approximately 6 days.

The base scope of works for MMA included the supply of 5 300ft transportation barges along with suitability rated ocean going barge tugs. The tug and barge combo’s transited between Henderson and site.

MMA also provided an infield support tug and an infield utility tug. The support tug assisted Technip’s construction vessel unload the transportation barges in field. It was also equipped to be the hyperbaric rescue vessel. With its life support package on board, the vessel shadowed the Construction Vessel during saturation diving operations. The vessel also conducted supply runs into and out of Dampier as required.

The infield utility tug assisted infield marine operations by facilitating the hip-up operations of transportation barges to Technip’s Construction Vessel.

A unique requirement of the project was mitigating the effect of cyclonic weather. The Wheatstone Field is located in an area prone to cyclonic activity. To support the project MMA maintained cyclone moorings for transportation barges.