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Supported by our vessels, the MMA Coral (AHTS), MMA Leeuwin (PSV) and with adhoc rig move support by MMA Vision (AHTS), the Victorian Government’s CarbonNet project achieved a key milestone this week, with the Noble Tom Prosser drilling rig arriving safely in the Bass Strait.

With the project’s drilling activity managed by our client, AGR Australia, our vessels will continue to support the drilling of a single well at the Pelican site in the Bass Strait for a total of approximately 45 days.

The above video features the Noble Tom Prosser drilling rig being 'floated off' from the heavy lift vessel, the OHT Osprey. The drilling rig was then towed out of Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay towards its final destination in the Bass Strait, arriving on 1 December.

The CarbonNet project aims to assess the viability of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) – the capture of carbon emissions released by industrial processes and subsequently storing these emissions underground. The success implementation of this project has the potential to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions for Victoria and help address climate change – something MMA is incredibly proud to be a part of.

You can find more information about the CarbonNet project here.

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