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MMA is proud to be coming onboard as a major sponsor for the 2022 OzFish Seeds for Snapper program in support of seagrass restoration. On Saturday 3rd December, we’re hosting our community seeding day where we'll spend a morning at C.Y. O'Connor Reserve, Perth to help restore these critical marine habitats. Read on to learn how you can get involved!

Seeds For Snapper is a community-driven seagrass restoration program by fishing conservation charity, OzFish. Seagrass meadows are an important nursery ground for countless fish and species of marine life, as well as help to stabilise the sand which protects coastlines from erosion. Seagrass fruits once per year and most seeds are washed ashore or far out to sea, where they cannot germinate.

Volunteers are needed for our Community Seeding Day to help MMA Offshore, OzFish and UWA to spread seagrass seeds on the City of Cockburn’s new wave attenuation reef, constructed by MMA Offshore, at CY O’Connor Beach, Perth. Bring your kayak, SUP, or surfboard and paddle out to the reef to deliver vitally important seagrass seeds. These seeds have been hand-harvested by our divers and the next stage is to get them into the places where they will thrive. Please be aware that although the reef is close to shore the distance may prove challenging to some. As a result these sessions will be for over-18s only and swimmers are required to use a floatation device such as a surfboard or life jacket for insurance purposes.

OzFish will also have kayaks available for participants to borrow at the event. There will be a dedicated family seagrass and beachcombing session run by local marine scientists, as well as stalls hosted by project and community partners.

Session 1: Seagrass Seeders 8:00-8:45am (18+)
Session 2: Seagrass Seeders 9:00-9:45am (18+)
Session 3: Seagrass Seeders 10:00-10:45am (18+)
Session 4: Family Beachcombing Session 9:30-10:15am

Please bring drinking water and sun protection, as well as the equipment you plan to use to help with the seed distribution, e.g. snorkel, kayak, stand-up paddle board etc.

Registration is essential! Please register your details on the OzFish website here:

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