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Image Source: Unsplash, Credit to Riccardo Annandale
Image Source Unsplash, Credit Riccardo Annandale


‘Innovation’- a word that has been overused in recent years. For many, it’s become another corporate buzzword. Nevertheless, continual Innovation has been, and always will be, a critical ingredient for the future growth and relevance of successful businesses.

Since we launched iHUB – Propel Innovation we realised that it isn’t as easy as we thought to define innovation.

So, what makes an idea an ‘innovative’ idea?



The iHUB Team defines innovation as a new method, idea, product or service offering.

Therefore, our first step is to differentiate a great idea from an innovative idea.

Example great idea: Remove green water on deck to improve safety.

Example innovative Develop an engineered solution that will enhance safety by reducing the potential for green water on deck, whilst retaining a vessel’s ability to undertake anchor handling operations idea. 

An innovation should be something new, at least in our industry. We are searching for original, unexpected and fresh ideas – ideas that can surprise and change the way we operate or deliver services to our customers.

Image Source: Unsplash, Credit to Igor Son

Image Source Unsplash, Credit Igor Son



Apple is a prime example for innovation, as the company successfully reinvented mobile phones and other consumer electronics. Steve Jobs explained it as if it was the easiest thing in the world. Instead of selling ‘what’ they do, they sell ‘why’ they are doing it. Apple combined several innovative attributes, but overall their customer-centric approach and aesthetic design is what sets them apart.

And we don’t even need to mention what happened to Nokia after Apple launched the iPhone, right?

3D Printing

3D printing was a ground-breaking and revolutionary idea. This major new technology enables us to print 3D objects from digital files. The printer lays down successive layers of material until the object is complete. This technology provides endless possibilities, from printing edible materials to prosthetic limbs and other body parts.

Let’s see how this invention will transform the world in the next years. We are sure the 3D printing success story has only just started.



Travel System

In 2014, MMA Offshore introduced a process improvement of our Australian Travel System.

Problem: Tedious process to communicate booking details to the crew. Every single crew member needed to be contacted via phone to communicate with them and confirm their booking details.

Solution: Introduction of a new automated database called “TravelAck’.

The automated process allowed an easy communication of crew booking details via automated text message and email. This enabled our team to manage their time more efficiently as our offshore crew members only need to be contacted on exceptions ever since.

How does it work?

When a flight is booked for crew members, they receive a text and email with their travel details. All of this is stored in a database called "TravelAck".

The crew has the opportunity to acknowledge and accept their itinerary which feeds back to the database leading to a seamless communication of details without the need for additional human intervention. The crewing team will only intervene if the itinerary either hasn't been accepted or there is a request for a change for whatever reason.

The database outlines who has and hasn't accepted their itinerary. Also, it sends reminders if the booking wasn’t accepted.

Another positive effect: It sends an email/text just before their swing, reminding the crew of their details and wishing them a safe time away!

For more information, watch this video.

World First Dual-purpose PSV Modification

In 2015, ConocoPhillips (COP) tendered for the provision of a platform support vessel (PSV) to support their Bayu Undan operations in the Timor Sea.  At the time, COP’s offshore fleet consisted of three vessels, two offtake support vessels and one PSV.

MMA proposed a highly innovative solution which involved modifying an existing PSV (the MMA Inscription) and fitting it with a bow winch. This would enable COP’s offshore fleet to be reduced from three to two vessels, significantly reducing their operating costs.

As part of the process, extensive simulation studies were conducted at one of the world’s most advanced marine studies institutes MARIN in the Netherlands, giving COP confidence in the proposed technical solution.

The development of this world first dual-purpose PSV led to MMA being awarded a five year contract for the MMA Inscription. ConocoPhillips recognised MMA in their global Supplier Recognition Awards program with the “Doing Business Better” award and said, “These suppliers demonstrated differential performance by being flexible and adaptable or helping us improve the way we do business by developing fit-for-purpose solutions. This program is a great opportunity to recognize their commitment and innovation.”

MMA’s ability to think outside the box and propose an innovative solution to what was a new client at the time, has resulted in a very positive ongoing client relationship and further subsequent contract awards. This is a great example of the positive impact innovation can have on our business.


Between all of us at MMA, we have the collective know-how to find new ways to help us to transform our business and our industry in some significant way.

The recent market downturn, increasing client expectations, climate change and digital disruption are only a few drivers for increasing competitiveness in the Oil and Gas Industry, and therefore in the Offshore Vessel Market. Our Industry continues to experience challenges and these difficult market conditions bring new challenges, but also new opportunities.

We believe that long-term successful organisations will be those who continue to adapt and seek new solutions in an ever-evolving market.

At MMA Offshore, we created iHUB to give us a platform to start solving tomorrow’s problems today. Together, our vision is to build a sustainable competitive advantage through innovation.

Stay tuned over the coming months as the iHUB Team unveils further awards. In the meanwhile, be sure to submit your idea for a chance to win an award and make a difference at MMA.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at ihub@mmaoffshore.com.

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