Supply Operations - Drilling & Production

With large capacities, excellent manoeuvrability and an entrenched safety culture - our vessel service offering provides offshore projects with optimal efficiency and safe operations

We own and operate a fleet of specialised vessels capable of supporting all phases of the oil and gas lifecycle. Whether that support services to offshore drilling rigs, pipe laying and oil producing assets including producing platforms and FPSOs – our vessels can be mobilised to meet the most challenging of scopes.

Typically our fleet is engaged to support the following drilling and operation scopes:

  • AHT and AHTS vessels tow rigs from on location to another, lift and position the rigs anchors. They also carry moderate amounts of supplies such as drilling fluid or drill pipe.
  • PSVs carry out cargo runs and supply duties. Typically our PSVs provide rigs with drilling mud, drilling risers, water, and other liquids.
  • MPSVs can be used for subsea operations and are equipped with subsea heave compensating cranes, helidecks and boast significant deck space.
  • Utility Vessels support passenger transfer requirements.