Seismic & Survey Support

Seismic survey scopes are a vital part of exploring for oil and gas – our vessels are designed to accommodate the sophisticated systems and space requirements of survey scopes.

We own and operate a fleet of specialised offshore support vessels, capable of supporting all phases of the oil and gas lifecycle.

In partnership with our clients are vessels are customised to meet support seismic support scopes. Depending on the scope and the client, vessels cater for most basic to the most complex of scopes.

Our fleet includes vessels with USBL systems, moon pools, ample meeting and survey room facilities and the capability to support the most demanding of IT requirements.

Our IT team ensures satellite communication and internet facilities on board MMA vessels are capable of moving data anyplace on the globe.

Seismic surveys are often subject to extensive environmental assessment approval procedures – our Compliance team ensure all MMA vessels meet regulatory requirements and are operated in accordance with strict management plans.