Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

We have high specification, dynamically-positioned MPSVs with bespoke topside and subsea equipment, as well as highly skilled personnel and integrated operating procedures and systems.

Our MPSVs are designed to support supply and subsea operations including inspection, maintenance and repair scopes.

With high capacity active heave compensated cranes, the vessels have superior ultra-deep water lift capabilities compared with similar sized vessels. Some of our MPSVs can lift equipment weighing up to 150t at depths of up to 3,000m. In addition to regular inspections (i.e. asset integrity, pipeline, seabed site and cathodic protection surveys), subsea cranes can be used to undertake light intervention work such as lifting subsea hardware – subsea flow modules and subsea control modules.

We have well-established partnerships with multiple leading international ROV contractors and we recently acquired the business of Neptune Marine Services who have a diverse fleet of work class and inspection class ROV systems, enabling us to provide additional services to our clients.

Our vessels are equipped with the necessary systems, structures and inventory to remain infield longer. Our MPSVs each have a robust planned maintenance system that ensures they work continuously without downtime due to spare unavailability.

Our MPSVs have been designed to provide clients with faster and more cost-efficient mobilisation timeframes. Hence they can be used to support routine and non-routine IMR requirements with ease (operationally and commercially).

We have robust data management systems to meet project requirements and our offshore personnel well acquainted with all ROV related engineering and operating requirements.