Installation Support

At MMA Offshore, we can be relied on to deliver quality results where the cost of failure is high.

We operate a high specification fleet of DP2 MPSVs that are capable of supporting a range of installation scopes. Each has the capacity to support multiple working class ROV spreads and have AHC cranes with superior ultra-deep water lift capabilities.

We have well established partnerships with multiple leading international ROV contractors. Typically we will subcontract these parties to provide flexible, low cost saturation ROV solutions. Alternatively our clients can have a vessel contract with us and a direct ROV contract with the third party.

The vessels have removable bulwarks to optimise heavy left over boarding. Fuel, power and fresh water are all available to the back spread, which enhances the usability of the 1000 sqm deck areas.

The vessels have fully programmable CCTV at key locations around the vessel, an essential record keeping tool in installation scopes.

Dedicated client meeting rooms provide ample room for project meetings and briefings. Ergonomically designed bride arrangements support DP operations and provide optimal viewpoints of both bow and stern operations.

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