Marine Manning

We provide comprehensive employment services for marine personnel that allow clients to focus on their core business activities.

MMA maintains a significant pool of highly qualified, motivated and dedicated Australian and international seafarers.

Our seafarers can be placed across the globe at a moment’s notice and are well equipped to meet the demanding requirements of offshore projects.

Our Marine Manning Service centres on providing experienced, trained and reliable seafarers to clients operating in Australian and international waters. To achieve this, we:

  • Maintain robust recruitment and screening process to ensure our offshore personnel are the highest calibre seafarers;
  • We uphold the provisions of the Standard Training Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) 1995 as amended, in conformity with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code adopted by the International Marine Organization (IMO).
  • Build relationships with our seafarers that are based on honesty, openness, mutual trust and involvement.
  • Provide seafarers with fair remuneration under a modern industrial agreements and individual contracts.
  • Work with our clients to understand manning requirements and provide local specialised personnel based on the skill requirements within the Contract;
  • Create quality marine partnerships with our clients that allow us to identify, develop and implement HR solutions that streamline processes, increase efficiencies and ultimately save clients' money.
  • Provide ongoing marine manning management that ensures operational continuity.

In addition to this, we manage all the administrative and practical arrangements to mobilise crew where and when they are needed and provide ongoing support to meet client requirements.

Our workforce encompasses the following manning classifications:

  • Deck Officers (Master, Chief Officer, Second Officer, Radio Officer or DPO)
  • Engineer Officers (Chief Engineer, Second Engineer, Third Engineer, Electrician or ETO)
  • Rating (Rating, Bosun, Able Seafarer)
  • Cook (Chief Cook or Cook)
  • Steward (Chief Steward or Steward)

Our offshore personnel can operate or work alongside Client crews on the following vessels:

  • Specialist vessels
  • Support Vessels – Division 2, Drill Ships & DP MODUs
  • Geotechnical Drilling Vessels – Division 2
  • Support Vessels – Division 1
  • Supply Vessels – Category 1 & Category 2 above 500GRT
  • Chase Vessels
  • Seismic Survey Vessels
  • Semi Sub & MODU tows
  • Geotechnical Drilling Vessels – Division 1
  • FPSO Offtake Supply / Support Vessels – Category 1
  • Standby Utility Vessels
  • Near Coastal Vessels