Engineering & Technical Management Services

Diligence, attention to detail and systemised approach defines our approach to all marine engineering and technical management services.

Drawing on our experience managing marine projects, we also provide expert marine engineering and technical management services to third parties.

With extensive experiencing operating vessels and intimate knowledge of the vessel construction and maintenance processes, we are often bought in by clients to provide considered engineering advice, provide construction supervision, undertake vessel inspections and provide dry docking oversight.

By working closely with our clients to identify the safe, reliable and efficient marine solutions we are able to provide marine sight and input to clients’ R&D projects. Recently we have contributed to a number of Australian R&D projects. These projects are all investigating introducing new marine technology and operational practices into Australia. Our role as the operations expert is to provide marine insight and operational guidance.

Another service offering our Engineering team provides is the development of vessel specific planned maintenance systems. We have experience developing computerised and manual maintenance systems that integrate all the maintenance requirements of a vessel and its specific equipment.

Our maintenance approach centres on optimizing the operational performance of the asset. We develop standalone systems on-board and others that replicate data via satellite to the client’s office at the first possible occasion, making it extremely useful in offshore / remote operations.

For more information on our engineering and technical management services contact:

Glenn McPhee
Technology General Manager
+65 6265 1010

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