Safe Operations for Open Stern Vessels

MMA’s Vessel Operations and Projects Team are currently developing a patented Wave Breaker Safety System.

In 2015 the offshore vessel industry was shaken a fatality involving a seafarer in Western Australia. The seafarer lost his life while working on the back deck of an open stern Anchor Handling Vessel. In bad weather the back deck was consumed by water and moved the cargo. The seafarer became trapped between moving cargo and died as a result of injuries. 

While the fatality did not involve MMA, we recognise the risk is an inherent part of our open stern operations  Hence we set about finding an engineering solution to mitigate the risk of green water entering the back deck.  The result of this work was the Wave Breaker Safety System prototype. The system enhances operational safety for open stern vessels by reducing green water entering the back deck. 

MMA is currently working with operators in Australia to progress the concept from prototype to a standard industry safety feature. 

For more information on our Wave Breaker Safety System please contact:

Mr Rob Freedman
Marine Projects Group – Project Manager
+61 8 9431 7431