Community Engagement

We are committed to the communities in which we operate.

Using a combination of procurement, employment and partnership opportunities, our aim is to create economic and social benefits wherever we can. We also participate in local industry network groups for greater interaction with local stakeholders.


Supporting local contractors and vendors is a key priority for MMA – we provide full, fair and reasonable opportunity for local industry to support our business and vessel operations. Where practical we aim to procure at least 80% of our operational spend through localised supply and service agreements.

We also actively look for ways to develop new capabilities in the communities in which we operate. Typically, we identify opportunities where local providers have the ability to directly service MMA’s requirements and where this is not possible, we work with counterparties to develop these offerings.


As a business with a global focus, MMA aims to have a workforce that best represents the communities in which we operate. We have a number of targeted employment opportunities and programmes in place including STRIDE, an ATSI traineeship programme and a Timor-Leste Local Content Strategy.


We recognise Indigenous Australians are statistically amongst the most disadvantaged groups in Australia. At MMA we have an Indigenous Employment Policy in place to improve labour market participation by Indigenous Australians and promote cultural awareness amongst our employees. Drawing on this policy is the STRIDE Program. Developed in 2013, STRIDE is a pre-employment program aimed at providing Indigenous participants with the skills required for employment in the marine logistics industry.

ATSI Traineeship

Our ATSI Traineeship programme is providing marine careers to ATSI people in Northern Australia. With three vessels operating from Darwin, ATSI communities are a key stakeholder in our operations.

Timor-Leste Seafarer Local Content Strategy

Our Timor-Leste Local Content Strategy is providing a procurement, employment and training opportunities for Timorese businesses and Timor-Leste nationals and permanent residents. In partnership with a Malaysian maritime training facility, we are providing a Deck Cadet Traineeship  program for Timor-Leste nationals and permanent residents. After completing college studies, cadets join our international fleet to gain their Seatime qualification.

Community Partnerships

MMA recognises that supporting community endeavours, either in kind or monetarily, is a responsibility we have to the communities in which we operate. As part of MMA’s Target 365 rewards programme, business units are able to donate to a range of charities and community initiatives.

Industry Networking

We encourage employees to be active participants in industry networking opportunities. Our Australian Procurement team support the Local Contracting Alliance (LCA); a NFP networking group that assists businesses in achieving their local content targets and ATSI business engagement.

MMA also maintains memberships with the Western Australian and Northern Territory Petroleum Clubs, MMA’s Chief Operating Officer is a Maritime Industry Australia (MIAL) Board member and the Managing Director is an Employer Representative on the Maritime Super Board. MMA is currently pursuing identities to increase its industry presence in South East Asia and the Middle East.